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Tax Reduction Strategies

When successful small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve a certain level of success they get hit with high taxes that threaten business growth and personal prosperity. At Sancus Tax and Accounting, we understand your pain and have solutions that will stop your money from going down the drain. Our accounting firm is dedicated to helping business owners significantly reduce taxes and create wealth through proactive tax planning. Our methods are highly effective and save our clients thousands of dollars each year on taxes. We can do the same for you from our convenient offices in Los Angeles or Long Beach.

We've developed an expertise for strategic tax planning as a Certified Tax Planner with the American Institute of Tax Planners. The unique training gives us the process to save you a ton of money on taxes by identifying hidden deductions, tax credits, and tax loopholes. Instead of fighting the system, we leverage the tax code to your advantage by legally and ethically reducing tax obligations to put more money in your pocket. The holistic approach we use involves analyzing your whole financial picture including past tax returns, business objectives, and investment goals to pinpoint which tax strategies will save you the most money on taxes. We then design a complete plan that will limit taxes on your income and maximize profits for your business. We'll fine-tune this plan as tax laws change to limit tax exposure and improve revenues. With us at your side, you'll capitalize on every tax break available and will avoid paying one dollar more than the IRS or state requires.

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